• Desgrange Viviane
  • Software engineer
  • 6 May 1993
  • French
  • Driver license
  • Single
  • Living in Singapore

About me

I'm a 23 years old software engineering student.
Currently carrying out an internship in Singapore. My projects in a next future consist in looking for opportunities overseas, in innovating project.

Also, I love informing me more and more about new technologies, and enhance my programming's skills.

INSA de Rouen

After having passed the Baccalauréat with honors, I integrated the INSA of Rouen.

After two years of integrating preparatory classes, I integrated the Information Systems Engineering department.

During this formation, I had the opportunity to study data mining, signal processing, image processing, web technologies, software engineering, statistic, network and web technologies.

Rouen, France 2011 - 2016


Following to my studies, I carried out a semester of studies in South Korea, in the Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology.

This period spend abroad far from my native country, allows me to improve my english, to study korean language and is an important human experience.

Moreover, studying in one of the world's top university allows me to acquire an important amount of knowledge in Graph Theory, Artificial Intelligence and Databases.

Daejeon, South Korea 2015

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